Friday, January 8, 2010

Personalize the Full Moon

People in the past had a close relationship with lunar cycles. They tracked the seasons and the natural rhythms of the earth by the full moon as it arrived each month. If you personalize the full moons through the year, you will find yourself feeling closer to nature. I ran across a weblink a while back that listed what different cultures called the full moon that appeared during each month. Many of the names like "The moon of popping trees" don't really mean much to me, because it doesn't get that cold here that trees freeze through and burst. So I came up with names that mean more to me and where I live. I find it gets you more in touch with the full moon as it applies to your environment. As I've gone through the past year, I made some adjustments. I wasn't sure what to call the June and July moons. But I attended a Lavender Festival in June and we had lavender scent all through the house. Likewise, in July, we foraged for the abundant blackberries that grow wild nearby. So I named the full moons for those plants that bloom or ripen during that time if I have a connection with them. You can read the complete article at:
How to Personalize the Full Moon to get Closer to Nature

So for now my moons are--

January - Snow moon
February - Hunger Moon (It's an Indian moon, I just like the name)
March - Mud Moon
April - Planting Moon
May - Cat Shedding Moon (adapted from the Indian Pony Shedding Moon, it's what happens in my house)
June - Lavender Moon
July - Blackberry Moon
August - Corn Moon
September - Harvest Moon
October - Spirit Moon (Samhain!)
November - Frost Moon
December - Cold Moon

Hey, it works for me. Give it a try and see what works for you.


the wild magnolia said...

Way cool idea. I will do this and change the names each year. Personalizing the moon!