Monday, January 11, 2010

Animal Communication

Owl ~1989 - January 12, 2009

I know that animal communication is possible because of this cat. His name was Owl and he left us a year ago. Owl chose to live with us in 1994. He appeared in the window of a farmhouse we were living in with 2 little black stray kittens we had adopted in 93. Owl was never territorial, he taught them how to hunt and climb trees. When my young son asked him his name, he said loudly "OWL". And so it was.

Owl took over the guard duties for the house and also became the official greeter. If you have more than one cat in the house, you may notice that somebody usually takes one of these jobs, or both. He had been living in the wild so long that we thought he was declawed in both back and front, but his back claws were just worn way down. He had a very wise look on his face and understood what you said to him. He was also very vocal, and would talk to us, although we didn't really understand him for a long time. Finally we did start hearing him. Animal communication can come in different ways, his was just realizations of what he meant. But you had to really concentrate and accept that whatever came was his message.

Owl was a great teacher, but he was always afraid from his time in the wild that his food bowl might go empty if he could see the bottom of it, so he would protest very loudly if we let it get too empty. He was also very afraid of cars and loud noises. He would wail and pant any time he had to go in the car until I finally sat down and talked to him about it. It seems he was afraid of being lost again, and if he went somewhere in a car, he wouldn't be able to find his way home, because he wouldn't recognize any smells to find his way back. I explained to him that our car rides would always be round trip and only a short distance. That way he could enjoy looking at new things, but not worry about getting lost.

From that day on, he looked forward to going on car rides with me, and he would wait for me in the driveway every Friday when I came home from work so I could take him on his weekly car ride. He would go back and forth to the side windows and stand up to watch everything pass by. We did that for several years and he never tired of it.

Its an ongoing challenge to communicate with my other cats, but every now and then a definite message comes through. Truly mystical.

Grey white Winter chill
Listen! One day I’ll be back.
My work here is done.


the wild magnolia said...

Owl was a blessing. Clearly you loved him and he knew this. He choose you.

I beleive animal communication is real. With a true love and belief we can cross the veil.

Terra said...

I love this story of Owl, it is an honor to be adopted by a cat. We were also adopted by our tabby cat 10 years ago. What a gentle spirit he was and our other 2 cats accepted him. Like Owl, he turned up at our back door.
A few days ago he left us and went to the Rainbow Bridge, so today we are creating a memory garden for him. I planted a cineraria and a primrose today.
Yes, it is warm here.
God bless our little cats,