Monday, May 28, 2012

Book Review: Spirit Junkie by Gabrielle Bernstein

Spirit Junkie is the 2011 story of Gabrielle Bernstein's trip to finding her inner voice. She had fallen into the ego traps that many of us do, and was constantly looking for external fulfillment through work, drugs, and especially relationships. It took her hitting rock bottom a few times until she learned to ask the universe for help and found that she had the answers inside her all the time. 
   Gabby follows the guidance of the book A Course in Miracles to learn to ask for help, and then listen to and trust the messages she receives back. The course explains how to forgive the illusions of the ego in order to find peace and be able to trust one's self. Gabby traded her hard partying to dedicate herself to getting in touch with her inner guidance (what she calls ~ing) and followed the answers she received in more and more situations, until she was living her life by asking for clarity in all situations and being amazed at the answers she consistently received.
  This book is about breaking down the blocks or fears that are paralyzing us and keeping us from finding happiness. Through personal instances and small exercises at the end of each chapter, Spirit Junkie helps us see ourselves in similar situations, and helps us work though these blocks in our own lives.  A couple of tidbits that resonated with me:
"An unforgiving thought does many things...distortion is its purpose, and it sets about to smash reality, without concern for anything that would pose a contradiction to its point of view."
"Know that spirit has your back at all times."
"Prayer is the time to ask, and meditation is the time to listen."
"We are always being guided, even though we often block it."
"The universe wants us to be happy."
"Knowing that you are not your ego will help you stay connected to love."
  I really didn't expect to read this entire book, or even to like it, but I do recommend it.  And I've read a lot of books of this type. Gabby's explanations are very down to earth and the lessons are served up in easily digested bites without a lot of heavy philosophy or mysticism. Give it a try if you feel you are in a rut or just drifting without any real purpose. I'm sure you will be able to take a few things from Spirit Junkie that you can apply to your own life.   

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Out of Time and Space Astrology

How many papers have an Astrology column?  Not that many that I've seen. Yes, there are plenty of horoscopes out there. Every women's magazine pretty much has to have a relationship advice section. Not astrology per se though.  Years ago, I lived in Kansas City and used to pick up The Pitch, which is the city entertainment news. There was an Astrology column in there called Out of Time and Space Astrology by Quan Tracy Cherry that was different. It always seemed to resonate with me for some reason. I was curious recently to see if it still existed so I went searching. When I read the Pitch was the pre-internet days.
  I was happy to see that Quan Tracy is still going, and his astrological musings still resonate.  Here is my current reading:

  "Aries, March 20-April 19, initiating spiritual (fire, visionary)
Flame thrower Mars sits in nervously analytical Virgo, creating perfect scenarios for work and service. You have been in the catbird’s seat of late. Taking no prisoners and suffering no fools gladly, it has been a whirlwind of self-awareness and confident self-expression. Your life not resemble these remarks? Well, then get to cracking. You have planetary signatures that demand (if they do not demand the planets cajole strongly) you perfect your craft, vocation or some aspect of your immense troubleshooting abilities. No whining about delays or maddening people who don’t do things your efficient way that’s better. You are better than a reactionary. Your enthusiasm is one reason we keep you around. Now, keep on inspiring us through your ability to at least attempt to recreate the wheel…"

Check out his website at  You might find that his mix of horoscopes, astrology and down-home "I'm talking to you..." approach appeals to you on a body level also.

Photo - Creative Commons DH Parks

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Should we Be Playing With DNA?

I read an article recently about how researchers in Singapore are looking at using modified DNA to create a faster computer. The idea is that silicon chips are reaching the limits of how fast they can get a computer to operate. Silicon also creates heat. By teasing apart DNA strands and reattaching them, early research shows that complex problems can be solved faster and more efficiently.

The thing is, we don't know a whole lot about DNA yet.  Another study showed that when several DNA samples are separated from the person, and the person then registered strong emotions,  the DNA was affected at the same time, even though separated by significant distances.  So, how do you separate the person from the DNA in a future computer motherboard?  There is also anecdotal evidence that intent can influence matter, which leads one to ask whether computer DNA could be influenced in its results by focusing on it.

The Human Genome Project found that only 3% of human DNA was coded DNA, the purpose of the other 97% is unknown, leading some biologists to label it "junk DNA". Somehow I doubt it serves no purpose, we're just not smart enough yet to know what it is. It reminds me of genetically modified food:  We don't yet know the long term effects of consuming it. I think I'm just eating real food and using a silicon chip computer until we know more about what we don't yet know.

Read more detail on building a DNA computer here.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

An Ode To Black Cats

I have two black cats at home.  They are brothers we found at the end of a dirt road on my daughter's 3rd birthday, she's in college now.  So they have been with us a long time, and are truly part of the family.  (One is my Avatar!) Black cats aren't just Halloween cats, they are regal sleek panthers that prowl through the darkness - oh, and they're very friendly as well.  No self-respecting witch should be without at least one!

Here is a poem I put together in honor of black cats.  I illustrated it with a funny collection of black cat images found out in the ether of cyberspace.  See what you think, you might get a chuckle!  Visit the entire poem here. 

Image HiggysTFC on Flicker-CC

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What is Your Moon Sign?

I had written a post earlier about how to bring the full moon more into your life. You do that by naming the full moon each month according to what what that month signifies to you in the natural world.  I recently read another article about Moon Signs.  I always knew about astrological signs or sun signs, but never heard of moon signs before.  According to western astrology, the moon is related to a person's emotional makeup, who they are deep inside. That is related to goddess moon, and the full moon as a fertility symbol.

I ran across this article,  'Your Moon Sign, What Does It Mean?' It is pretty interesting. The author's position is that a person's moon sign is equal to or second in importance to their sun sign, and that the two work together. The sun sign is more your outward or conscious personality, while your moon sign rules your subconscious. She gives a few examples of how sun and moon signs together can balance or compound each other's traits in one's personality.  I went to to get a quick reading of my moon sign.  You may want to check around and see what kind of reading other sites have to say on your sign. I'm not too versed in astrology, but I checked this site and the one noted in the article and the readings tracked pretty closely. And there were some things that are pretty spot on. I'll have to match it with my sun sign and see how they work together.

So there you go. Something to look into, maybe you can get some personalty insights by seeing what your moon sign is and how it helps make you who you are.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Invisible Cat

I am the invisible cat
Walking on newly fallen snow
White on white
Paw prints appearing
As if by magic.

I am the intrepid
Explorer cat
As brave as could be
Wandering the
Arctic waste.

(I hope they find me
by dinner time though)

by Pangur - ban White Cat
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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Imbolc is Coming Next Weekend

Imbolc is a Celtic holiday that is also called cross-quarter day. It is celebrated on February 1st or 2nd and falls halfway between the Winter and Spring equinoxes. Imbolc represented a time of the year when food was getting scarce and people were ready to banish Winter and start getting crops in the ground.  Since this holiday was agriculture-oriented, it is related to foretelling the weather, which is the partly the origin of Groundhog Day. It was called Brigid's Day on the old pagan calendar, which was adopted as St. Brigid's or Candlemas Day by the later christians. 

Naturally if you want to banish Winter, you send the chill away by lighting a fire. You can also light candles in your home to light up the dark Winter night.  Imbolc also was celebrated because as the Spring equinox approached, the days started getting longer, which melted the snow and warmed the ground for planting seeds. The candles are also representative of the sun staying up longer and getting warmer as Winter draws to a close.

At this time, animals started giving milk in anticipation of bearing their young in the Spring.  Traditional foods to celebrate Imbolc are milk or dairy products like cheeses, and also seed-based items like whole grains. I don't know if we will have a bonfire or what, but we have wood stacked and ready, the seed catalogs are already being reviewed, and we are ready to head towards the warmth of Spring. 
Happy Imbolc all!