Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What is Your Moon Sign?

I had written a post earlier about how to bring the full moon more into your life. You do that by naming the full moon each month according to what what that month signifies to you in the natural world.  I recently read another article about Moon Signs.  I always knew about astrological signs or sun signs, but never heard of moon signs before.  According to western astrology, the moon is related to a person's emotional makeup, who they are deep inside. That is related to goddess moon, and the full moon as a fertility symbol.

I ran across this article,  'Your Moon Sign, What Does It Mean?' It is pretty interesting. The author's position is that a person's moon sign is equal to or second in importance to their sun sign, and that the two work together. The sun sign is more your outward or conscious personality, while your moon sign rules your subconscious. She gives a few examples of how sun and moon signs together can balance or compound each other's traits in one's personality.  I went to to get a quick reading of my moon sign.  You may want to check around and see what kind of reading other sites have to say on your sign. I'm not too versed in astrology, but I checked this site and the one noted in the article and the readings tracked pretty closely. And there were some things that are pretty spot on. I'll have to match it with my sun sign and see how they work together.

So there you go. Something to look into, maybe you can get some personalty insights by seeing what your moon sign is and how it helps make you who you are.


the wild magnolia said...

Good morning. I checked out Tarot-live and my moon is in Capricorn the Seventh House. Interesting information. It is always helpful to gather information about ourselves.